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Professional in-house Calibrations

With the complexity of today's modern ECUs, Proper calibration is essential to realize appropriate gains from common engine modifications.  Since the ECU is responsible for (but not limited to) emissions, fuel economy, protecting drivetrain components and monitoring many sensors, factory calibrations are specific by design and can easily be negatively affected (with even the simplest of bolt-ons).

As a COBB ProTuner (combined with our years of experience), we can help you achieve proper power gains while maintaining day-to-day reliability.

Install, Maintain, & Repair

Modified vehicles require vigilant maintenance. Changing oil, rotating tires, bleeding brakes, replacing coolant, maintaining filters and even checking tire pressures are important services that are essential to your performance car's lifespan. Don't neglect your high performance machine due to your busy schedule. Let us take care of all of your vehicle maintenance needs.

When things go wrong, ANTSPEC can make them right again. Pushing the limits will always expose the weakest link. Fixing the problem is only half of the solution. Finding a way to prevent the same failure from occurring again is the more difficult other half. Our ASE-Certified technicians excel at failure analysis and will provide a prescription to eliminate your problems.

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